Valet Parking Services

A Passion for Parking

Pacific Park Management prides itself on delivering professional services at all customer touchpoints – most noticeably experienced through valet interactions.


Pacific Park Management staff understand the importance of customer interactions and their role in being the first and last interaction valet patrons experience at their destination. From the moment of patron arrival, to the departure in their vehicle, our valet customers are treated with the utmost professionalism and courtesy thanks to our staff’s extensive training in etiquette and safety.

Property Stewardship

Our valet staff are trained to understand that patrons are entrusting us with their property, and that property, and the inherent customer relationship surrounding it, should be treated with the highest regard. Valet managers instill the mantra of “treat each vehicle as if it were your own” into all valet staff.

Valet vehicles are subject to multipoint inspections occurring throughout our stewardship, including:

  • Initial intake inspection
  • Inspection prior to vehicle storage
  • Departure Inspection

Each inspection is documented to record the complete condition of the vehicle inside and out. Pacific Park Management is proud of our track record of customer satisfaction and works to exceed customer expectations continually through training and performance reviews.

Optimized Storage

Pacific Park Management valet staff utilize Valet Parking Management software to record and review patron and vehicle information. This includes patron stay length and allows for vehicles to be arranged accordingly to optimize storage space. Vehicles are staged for easy access in advance of anticipated patron deliveries, minimizing delays and allowing for the most efficient use of valet parking space.

Streamlined Vehicle Delivery

Valet parking patrons at some service locations are afforded the ability to interact with our Valet Parking Management software via SMS messaging. Patrons nearing their vehicle pickup time can send a text message in advance and can expect their vehicle to be ready and waiting in the valet pickup area upon their departure. 

Valet Partnerships

Pacific Park Management has the experience and the expertise to engage in valet service delivery as a standalone service provider or through Joint Venture Partnerships. Our staff work seamlessly and in harmony with our JV partner’s staff where required.

Contact Pacific Park Management today and discover how we can work together in delivering valet parking service excellence.