Janitorial Services

Pacific Park Management proudly delivers janitorial services in addition to our other services or as a standalone service. This includes maintaining both interior, and exteriors of facilities.

Garage Janitorial Services

Regardless of parking facility location, garage cleanliness instills trust and is an important component of the patron relationship. 

Pacific Park Management manages a full fleet of on-site professional cleaning equipment to keep facilities clean including:

  • Motorized street cleaners
  • Pressure washers
  • Leaf Blowers
  • Professional grade vacuums

As part of our janitorial responsibilities, our staff routinely inspect and report on the condition of their facilities and initiate maintenance and repairs of the garage as needed.

Interior Cleaning Services

Pacific Park Management’s professional uniformed staff proudly deliver interior cleaning services when and where required such as:

  • Window cleaning
  • Hard floor mopping
  • Carpet vacuuming 
  • Trash collection/disposal
  • Surface disinfecting 

Surface Lot Maintenance

Surface lots are maintained to the same standards as our garages to ensure that the patron experience remains positive. This includes pressure washing concrete and tile walking surfaces, cleaning benches and shuttle stops, wiping down and disinfecting pay stations and sweeping and leaf blowing of parking surfaces.

Beyond the hard exterior surfaces, Pacific Park Management offers basic maintenance to your surrounding landscape needs including trash collection/pickup and leaf blowing.

Our overarching goal is service excellence and this carries through to all facets of our exterior facility cleaning services. Call us today and let’s discover how we can serve your needs and those of your patrons: (415) 434-4400.

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