Our goal is to go beyond what people expect and deliver a “WOW” experience. To ensure that parking is a pleasurable, safe and convenient experience for those that we serve. To allow Landlords, Municipalities and Managers to freely focus on their business, unencumbered by parking concerns, because we have mastered our business. And to this end, we will deliver the highest standard of service in the industry, striving toward continual improvement in our efforts.


Shared Vision

A leader can only show the way if others are following. At Pacific Park, we have shaped our vision over time with the help of our employees and managers. Being part of a common vision, one that has been built by all of us, inspires us to achieve common goals together. A shared vision is essential for effective teamwork.


The people of the company are our greatest asset in achieving goals. We invest in people through training, competitive compensation and provision of advancement opportunities. A well trained and highly motivated workforce is the foundation upon which our success as a company is built.


We take great pride in our work. And have dignity and satisfaction in the job we do. This drives us to exceed customer expectations, continually innovating and improving our service offerings.


Employees understand that in every interaction with customers, they are the company to the person on the other end of the exit booth, phone or gate. Each person we serve deserves our undivided attention, respect and courtesy.


If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well the first time. This is our expectation for ourselves. The next time we do something, we ask ourselves how can it be done better than last time? This is how we continually achieve excellence.


We try harder than our competitors; to fix problems, address complaints and provide solutions. We must do this, as our goal is to be the best in the business, a standard with which others are compared. We work through difficult issues until they are resolved to the satisfaction of those we serve.

Community Involvement

Parking facilities are an integral part of a neighborhoods infrastructure, and a vital asset benefiting the local community in many ways. With this important stature comes responsibility; to reach out to constituents; to understand key issues facing the community; and, to proactively support efforts to improve the community. Our community efforts include using local vendors when possible, hiring from community employment programs, lending support to community initiatives, and joining local associations. We believe it is our obligation to improve the communities we serve.


We conduct our business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust and ethical behavior. We disclose what we know, when we know it and to all parties that we have responsibility to.


We are privileged to serve customers. Although customers come in many varieties, and at times can be difficult to deal with, each must be treated as if their continued patronage is necessary for our company to survive. Customers are the sole purpose of our business and deserve our undivided attention in providing exceptional service. The demands of customers must not only be met, but their expectations must be continually exceeded. This will ensure their continued loyalty to us.