Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport operates a mixed use indoor/outdoor parking facility including valet services for airport patrons. The facility operates around the clock 24/7/365 serving parking and valet services. The facility comprises both a traditional multilevel parking garage and open-air surface lots as well as the curbside valet operations.

The Challenge
Ft. Lauderdale Airport needed a vendor who understood customer service and was capable of delivering both traditional parking management services as well as curbside services. SP Plus and Pacific Park Management partnered to propose a full suite of services, including curbside passenger services, and management of parking facilities.

The Pacific Park Solution
Pacific Park Management and SP Plus integrated seamlessly with one another to deliver dynamic and flexible partnered services aimed at delivering the highest caliber experience to airport patrons and minimizing airport management overhead. Pacific Park management wholly manages the parking facilities, including traffic coordination, janitorial responsibilities, facility maintenance, general groundskeeping around the parking facilities and surface lots. Further, Pacific Park staff integrate with SP Plus staff to render a dynamic partnership in support of valet operations. This service delivery partnership includes discrete roles and handoff of patron vehicles through their stewardship. Most notably, airport services were rendered through the COVID-19 pandemic and were adjusted to accommodate the incredibly dynamic nature of facility utilization through shelter in place orders and subsequent changes in overall patron utilization of the airport and its services. Throughout the whole of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pacific Park Management maintained flexibility and upheld its commitment to the highest level of customer service and client satisfaction. Pacific Park Management currently employs approximately 100 staff on site at the Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport in support of its operations.